Friday, October 19, 2012

Walk with Me

This is one of the most beautiful falls we have had in recent memory and quite possibly the most spectacular since we have lived in this house by the woods.  None of the photos have been altered in any way. 

Take a walk with me...

The sunroom, my favorite place to knit, is awash in yellows and golds.

The maple that likes to show off right outside the window.  The path below leads to our compost bin by the woodpile.
Approaching our house from the road is a thrill.

Some roses are still blooming and the zinnias are hanging in there.  We have not had a hard frost yet.

The hummingbird feeder is still out for the downey woodpeckers.

A tree that was struck by lightening and nearly split in half looks quite colorful.

Looking up through the maples.

Oak Leaves on a tiny oak tree.

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