Thursday, April 28, 2011


My wonderful dad died last night (April 27, 2011) at 9:19 PM in his home, the one he built with his own hands 42 years ago.  He died peacefully with my sister, brother, mom, and me at his bedside.  I feel honored that I was able to be with him at this time.  I will be sharing in the next few days or weeks as I feel the need to write some things down.  Thank you for all your kind words of comfort, and for your prayers.

Mom and Dad when they took us out for our anniversary last year.  May 28, 2010

Mom and Dad's 60th Wedding Anniversary.  August 12, 2010

Christmas card drawn and photographed by my dad.  That's me on the left, next to him, my brother Matt, and sister, Gayle.

Christmas Card made by my dad in the 1950's.
Dad teaching Bob how to turn wood on the lathe.  About 2 years ago.
Our family.  Christmas 2010

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Since this is my personal blog I am going to share what is going on now in our family.  My wonderful father has been suffering from Parkinson's Disease.  He was diagnosed in August 2010 but it had been going on longer than that.  Since the fall he has been rapidly declining.  Last week he readily accepted the doctor's offer for hospice care.  Hospice has been a huge blessing.  Last Friday he was barely able to eat.  Since Saturday he has been unresponsive although he did squeeze my hand when I talked to him.  Since Sunday there has been no response at all.  He has had no food or drink since Friday but he is comfortable.  My brother came in on Monday and we are coping as well as can be expected.  Our family has always laughed a lot and we manage to do so even now.  We know he would want us to remember good times and still have good times.  He has said many times that he has had a full life and is ready to move on.  Although we know he is not in pain, it is hard to watch him struggle to breathe.  We have learned a lot from Dad as he has dealt so graciously with his failing health.  Even when it came to the point that full-time nursing care was necessary to keep him at home and there was not much he could do independently, he did not complain.  He has even maintained his sense of humor.

Thanksgiving 2010

Flight Simulator Game on the computer with Torben.  Christmas 2010

Nils showing Dad his new book on National Parks, a gift from Pete.

Nils showing Dad his book.
So we continue to wait.  To listen.  To hold his hands and stroke his brow and talk to him.  I read Scripture passages to him on Sunday. We cry and we hold one another.  Sometimes we tell stories and laugh.

Spring has arrived in Southern Illinois.  The dogwoods that Mom and Dad planted are in full bloom.  I am looking outside at the fresh colors and listening to the white throated sparrows as they migrate through this area.  The song of the white-throated sparrow is one of my favorite bird songs and it is a comfort now.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Episode 41 of Knitting Pipeline is Ready, Set, Gauge!

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Visit Knitting Pipeline for complete show notes and more photos.  Topics include Clockwork by Stephen West, the finished Norwegian Setesdal Sweater, gauge swatch tips for the Estelle KAL, and a review of One Skein Sock Wonders edited by Judith Durant.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Episode 40 is called Wee Bits and Bites

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The show notes are on the show blog.

We have a giveaway for an adorable Hummingbird Project Bag from Three Bags Full.  Enjoy Free Shipping through April 2011 on domestic orders by using the promo code "piper" at checkout.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Episode 39 of Knitting Pipeline...Spring Peepers!

In spring I like to go to bed with the frogs and wake up with the birds.  The chorus of the small tree frogs rises up from the creek and through the woods, into the bedroom window, and lulls me to sleep.

Listen to me talk about Spring Peepers, more sock chatter, steeking, i-cord 3 needle bind off, and a Robert Frost poem.  Complete show notes are on the show blog with my new logo, designed by Emily!

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Messy Corner

When I am in the middle of a project my knitting area can get rather messy.  Saturday I worked on the Norwegian Sweater shoulder and sleeves.  The sunroom has such good lighting for needlework.  It was too windy to sit outside.
See what I mean?

When it reaches this point I do get the urge to tidy things up a bit.  But not today...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Episode 38 of Knitting Pipeline is "Sock Chatter"

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Show notes are at Knitting Pipeline Podcast Blog.

Socks to be mended with the Darning Egg that belonged to my great-great-grandmother.

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