Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another Baby Sweater

I finished the baby sweater for Madeline over the weekend and put the finishing touches on the sweater Monday evening. I like the look of the non-matching buttons from my button jar on the border. They are the same size and all are white, but there are slight differences. It is a folksy look. In the button jar there were a lot of very small white buttons that look like the kind used on button-down collars. I used some of these on the back of the border to stabilize the "working button". Sewing on buttons is not my favorite thing to do; however having this little detail helped immensely because I felt proud of the end result.

The booties are from the same book (Simple Knits for Cherished Babies by Erika Knight) and although they look cute, I'm just sure they would not stay on the feet of a moving baby. To be quite frank, I started on this pattern only because I was too tired/lazy to look for another pattern and this one was in the same book as the sweater. After knitting one bootie I looked up the pattern on Ravelry and decided to follow the path of several knitters and add ribbons for securing around the ankle. I don't know yet whether I will knit a bonnet to go with the sweater and booties. While I will not make these booties again I will definitely be making the sweater again. It is an easy, quick, adorable knit.

We're hearing sounds of birds staking out their territories and calling for mates. Spring is coming!

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M said...

Hello, stumbled in and must say that I'm a little envious that you can knit and finish something. haha, It's lovely.

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