Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's a Blue Ribbon Day

Joy gave me a blue ribbon from the Blog County Fair (I made that part up about the fair) Thank you, Joy! Joy is a knitting friend from WAY Back. I believe I met her at my first Elizabeth Zimmerman Camp in 1978 in Shell Lake WI. I have not been to Camp for several years (piping took over my life) and lost touch with friends I had made there. Joy and I reconnected through Ravelry. Ravelry rocks!

There are so many blogs I enjoy and oh dear, it is hard to pick just four. These are some that I frequently visit along with many others!

Jen 's blog is always interesting. Her not-so-little family is as charming as their names suggest and they are lovely models for Jen's knitted creations. I've learned to understand autism better through Jen's beautiful little girl, Olive. Jen's knitting is full of bright colors and lots of fun details plus she cranks it out fast!

Green Woman is a friend I met through the P.E.O. Group on Ravelry. We're both serving as president of our local chapters this year and have learned to know one another better through our tentative first months at the helm. She is a perfectionist and her lace knitting is GORGEOUS!

I am one of many fans of Little Jenny Wren. Her writings of her daily life in Tasmania remind me of the seasons in another hemisphere. She handcrafts the most beautiful dolls, usually with handknitted clothing, which are sold in her Etsy Shop.

Now we travel to the northern part of Norway where Britt-Arnnhild lives, near Trondheim. My connection with the Scandinavian countries is strong. I learned to knit while spending a year in Denmark as a student. My husband and I spent a month of our honeymoon backpacking in Norway and visiting his relatives there. Britt-Arnnhild is a gifted writer and has an eye for photography as well. How she keeps up with all her blogs, I do not know, especially when you consider that she is writing in English, not her mother-tongue of Norwegian.

Here are the rules:

Post the award on your blog.
Add a link to the person who gave you the award.
Nominate at least 4 other bloggers and add their links.
Leave a comment at the recipients’ blogs so they can pass it on.

I am very tempted to list more blogs that deserve a Blue Ribbon (you know who you are!) but it is time to tidy up the house before bedtime. Thank you, again, Joy!

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Britt-Arnhild said...

Thank you so much for the blue ribbon Paula. My favorite colour :-)

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