Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back to Normalcy

Thanks to everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers. It was a very rough several days. Our boys are going to miss their friend so much. I am very proud of my sons for the sacrifices they made to come to the funeral. They both had to take several vacation days from work, which are precious to both. It was definitely important for their healing process, to be with their peers and grieve together. They are going to try to spend time with the deceased boy's older brother when they come home. Those brothers were very close also and I think my sons empathize with him particularly.

Our youngest son decided to drive straight through to NM instead of staying the night Wed at his brother's place in KC. That worries me but I am trusting they are almost home by now--and safe.

I'm grateful that I work at home with my own business and can take time off when needed. Even though my sons are grown I wanted to be here with them. I had a productive morning here in the office so I'm taking a break with my blog.

On the knitting front, I'm zipping right through the Pinwheel Blanket. It will be done in less than a week. That is a quick baby gift! I have an idea for a small project to go with it. The baby is due around Dec 1.

Sneaky, sneaky me. While the kids were here I washed some clothing, including a pair of corduroy trousers for L, the future recipient of the Lacy Ribbon Skirt. When I took the trousers out of the dryer I tip-toed back to our bedroom where I had hidden the skirt. I laid the trousers on top of the skirt and it looks like a perfect fit! So I'm going to sew it up and start seriously looking for that special ribbon.
If you don't like fringe you can stop reading this right now. (I am not a big fan myself but many in my prayer shawl group are.) When I wrote about Nicky Epstein's Knitted Garter Fringe I forgot to mention something I did to refine it a bit. You have 16 Stitches on your needle. If you twist the 8th stitch every other row then you get a tidier result when you drop the stitches for the fringe. That 8th stitch will be the last stitch in the binding off process.


Anonymous said...

Sneaky Knitter! I tried a hat on my oldest last night while she have to do what you have to do!

Much as it hurts, the grieving process is a gift, and I hope that in time your boys will come to truly know that.

KPiep (blogger is acting up, so I have to be "anonymous' right now.

sheila said...

You are quite the little sneak! Luckily for me, I can get away with my current knitting gift right in front of my husband...he has no clue that I am in the process of knitting him a sweater for Christmas. He thinks that I am working on a blanket. Men, I tell you...

Amanda said...

Hello! I linked to your blog from the comment you left on mine. Thank your for your input, but I decided to frog after the sweater was blocked. I much prefer yarn to a wonky sweater I won't love wearing.
I love that you play the bag pipes! We used to regularly go see my grandfather play in the Syria band and they also had a group of pipers. Don't tell grandpa, but it was my favorite part!
Take care, and thanks again!

M said...

Just got home after dealing with ill parents issues and was so saddened to learn of your loss. Hope the boys got home okay and are dealing with the grief okay.
On the other hand, the skirt is phenomenal. You are such a talented knitter!

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