Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Help! I am Out of Control with Fiber!

It is Anti-procrastination Month. I want to finish this cross-stitch map of Denmark that I began a long time ago. When you put a project aside, you don't expect it to be weeks, or months, or years until you pick it up again. You certainly do not expect it to be decades. In the meantime, eyesight isn't what it used to be and seeing the uneven threads on linen is more difficult than threading the needle. I can only work on it when the sun is shining into the sun porch. Even then, it gives me a headache.

The map is fairly large.

Can you see the date? That's right. It's been 18 years and that doesn't include the time I worked on it before that. It's quite an ambitious project and really all that is left is the border and marking a few towns. Why a map of Demark? The reason is that we were married there.

It seems I am totally out of control with fiber. I could fill my winter days with fiber arts, reading, and piping. This sewing tangent has a history.

It started with a simple yo-yo to finish off a child's hat.

Then the project bags that were in my last posting. One project bag has a top that is pieced together. Did that get it out of my system? No. It just added fuel to the fire.

Then I put together a little table runner from a tutorial called the Disappearing Nine-Patch by Rachel Griffith on P.S. I Quilt. Now I am going back to the School of You Tube to complete the quilting and binding. Not too shabby for a knitter, eh?


KPiep said...

Even knitters need to spread their wings once in a while!

The cross stitch is gorgeous, and I hope you finish it before it finishes your eyes...

rachel griffith said...

oooh yayyy.
you did a great job on your disappearing nine patch table runner topper.

{thanks for your email.}

joyknits said...

Neat projects! The map is going to be lovely when it's all finished and framed. Did you get it in Denmark?

nicole said...

Ooh, I used to love to cross-stitch. That is, until I started getting carpal tunnel syndrome from the hours on end I was stiffly holding the wooden hoop with my left hand. Good luck finishing your map project! I'm still looking for a cross-stitch project we somehow lost in our move to the house we're in now (it's only been 11 years...think it'll ever turn up?)

Pooch said...

Love-love-love the child's hat!! Where could I find the pattern for it?

Jus Shar Designs said...

Ditto on the child's hat...I'd love to see the pattern.

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