Friday, January 15, 2010

Damson is another word for Happy

This is my second Damson and both are knitted with Malabrigo Sock Yarn. The color of this yarn is called "Mossy Green" but it is so dark it really looks black. In certain light the green shows but only just hint of it.

Ysolda Teague is the designer of Damson. The shawlette, which is the new term for these small shawls, is started at the center top back with an ingenious method. By the time you get to the outer rows you have quite a few stitches on the needle. I particularly love the scalloped bind off. It is great fun to knit and it looks good too. Damson is a project you will wear for a long time.


Sonja said...

I´ve been wanting to knit this shawl for a while and it´s good to see it come out so nicely in a dark yarn.

KPiep said...

After watching "Return To Cranford" on PBS these last two Sundays, I'm craving a shawl just like this. (And I already have the pattern.) Several of the ladies in the movie wore similar sized little shawls!

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