Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Cap for Dad

It's kind of hard to think of gifts for my mom and dad; however, when I hit upon the right thing, they are the BEST ever at being appreciative. I have already written about Mom's Summit Stole that I gave to her for Mother's Day. She calls me periodically to tell me about all the compliments she gets when she wears it. I like that. I snapped this photo of them when they took us out to dinner for our anniversary around Memorial Day. For Mom's birthday I bought her 2 shawl pins but I forgot to get photos of those. Maybe next time.

Mom has been hinting that Dad would like another hat so I knit one for Father's Day, and presented it along with a batch of oatmeal-raisin cookies. From their reactions in this photo you might think they had just won the lottery, but no, it's just their joy is seeing a hat. (He had already eaten some of the cookies.) See what I mean? Pure rapture for a knitter.

Dad tried it on right away, although he drew the line at wearing it in 90 degree heat.

Yep, it covers his ears, too!

The pattern is Vegamot, a free pattern from the blog Hespetre. "Vegamot" is an old Norse word meaning "crossroads". I like the way the 3 and 1 ribbing flows into the main part of the hat. I used a provisional crochet cast on because I could check my gauge right away. That really was unnecessary and caused a little frustration when I went back down to pick up and knit the ribbing. The reason is that I didn't knit a plain row before starting in on the pattern. I learned that little tip from the Knitmore Girls podcast in their review of a Lucy Neatby DVD. Thank you Jasmin and Gigi. Now I know why that provisional cast on was not so provisional. Lesson learned! Needle and yarn notes are on my Ravelry page.
This pattern was fun to knit and I like the end result. In fact, I believe I'll be making more of these.


Guro said...

The picture of your parents opening the parcel is more than worth the trouble of designing the pattern. Thank you for sharing the moment!

Mette said...

Great post. Captures the joy of knitting.

KPiep said...

Your parents are so cute! I just want to give them both big hugs...even though I've never met them!d

joyknits said...

How super - love the photos of your folks :o)

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