Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brandywine and Butterflies

Our very hot weather does not seem to deter the butterflies that come to the front garden.  This Eastern Tiger Swallowtail enjoyed feeding on our buddleia.
I can't seem to get decent photos of the Brandywine Shawl.  Neither the lace nor the wool is properly portrayed in the photos but it is too hot to wear it outside for the proper photoshoot.I think there might be an error in the pattern here.  Within all the diamond shapes, this particular diamond seems to be missing its top.  It seems there should be a YO/SSK here on Row 37 of Chart A.  I have now started the same shawl in red and added the YO/SSK.  It looks least to me.  And isn't that what counts?


KPiep said...

I hate it when you can't get a good picture...and some knits are easier to capture than others!

I think your Brandywine is lovely, though! Looks warm and cozy!

angela said...

Beautiful shawl--and what are you doing pointing out something wrong?! It is nice to be able to figure out what's needed for the next edition though.

We've loved the butterfly much so that hubs just bought two more. They grow so fast! Lots of added privacy. And the butterflies are amazing--I spotted a couple monarchs and didn't think this was their zone. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula, Just wanted to let you know I loved the podcast. Told some friends about it. The best one (the only one I have listened to yet) came just as we returned from camp. It must have been so exciting to actually have been at camp with EZ.
Great blog and now a great podcast. This will be anonymous because I can't get google to acknowledge me. Linda P

sandy l said...

Your shawl is lovely. I am working Chart A and am already having a miscount of stitches. There are a couple of yo marked in the center stitch. Did you have a problem with this or am I missing something?

I love your podcast and your advice about coloring the lace chart has been invaluable.

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