Saturday, September 25, 2010

Episode 14 The Stealth Approach to Socks

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Since tweaking my blog design the Followers are not showing up.  I cannot figure this out.  If you are a blogger on Blogspot and have any hints, please let me know.

I am going to set a schedule for myself to update this blog more regularly, even if it is just a short post.  I thought by now I would be a lot more efficient in producing the weekly podcast but it still takes me many hours to get the notes done, record, edit, upload, and write blog posts.  I should probably just have one blog but I am still attached to this one and will use it for knitting and some more personal writings.

I am still going to mention here when a new episode is up.  I added a flash player in the side bar.  If you click in the lower left corner there is a menu.  All the episodes are available here so you can listen without an external listening device.

In this podcast I talk about the finished project, Hurdy Gurdy Cardigan by Lynda Gemmell.  Notes on my Ravelry page.  I bought the kit at Stitches.  The colors spoke to me and I had to knit it even though I don't really have an intended wearer.  Actually,  I am planning on sending the little sweater to Botswana where I am sure it will be worn a lot and passed along.  This makes me very happy. 

  • Ribbed button band instead of garter stitch band
  • Shorter sleeves than pattern recommended
  • My little extra touch are the buttons, both lavender and lime green, alternating.


Mette said...

I really admire how you take your time to make all those lovely little details.

stringplay said...

This is a really cute sweater, Paula. I love the special details. Sometimes we just HAVE to make something just because we do. I'm sure it will be worn, and warm, and loved.

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