Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Two Culinary Flops

I made two new recipes this week, both of which were total disasters.  The first was the Pillsbury Bake-off Winner, which is supposed to be simple.  The slices of cookie dough (the kind you buy in a tube...I know!) were to be placed in mini-muffin pans and baked.  The little tarts were dipped in chocolate, nuts, and filled with ice-cream.  Sounds good, eh?  Well, it was only as I was ready to pop the cookie dough in the pan that I realized I needed the mini-muffin pans, which I do not have.  So I tried the regular size. It didn't work.  The garbage can had a nice dessert.

Last night I wanted to make pumpkin pancakes.  Bob wasn't going to be home until 9 PM and I thought pancakes would make a nice light dinner for me.  After looking around on the internet I found two reasonable sounding recipes, one very simple and one more complicated.  I printed out both and chose the simple one.  Never in my life have I made pancakes that were completely inedible, so this was a first.  I tried to eat one but it was bland and had a weird texture.  I added spices to the batter and made a few more but that didn't improve them one bit.  The good news was that the little bit I ate killed my appetite for the rest of the evening.

Does anyone know of a good pumpkin pancake recipe?


angela said...

Oh, those experiences must have happened cuz you didn't really want those calories. Just kidding. They sound good.

No pumpkin pancakes here, but I have a good gingerbread pancake recipe if you want it. I usually make pumpkin bread, but hubs went to sam's and found mini pumpkin muffins fron atlanta bread co. Yum.

KPiep said...

I'm sorry that I don't have a good pumpkin pancake recipe to share! If I find one I'll pass it along.

And don't feel bad, I had a complete French Toast disaster this AM! (Thank goodness for the pumpkin muffins in the freezer, or the girls wouldn't have had breakfast.)

bettlejuice said...

I have pumpkins and squashes cookebook but it only has butternut squash pancakes in it.

Natalie said...

Hi Paula! I'm Nicole M's sister.....and yes, I DO know of a yummy pumpkin pancake recipe that I make a lot and my kids gobble up!

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