Saturday, January 15, 2011

Episode 28 A Baby Surprise from Elizabeth Zimmermann

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Show notes at Knitting Pipeline blog.

There is a letter from Elizabeth Zimmermann in this episode.


Anonymous said...

Loved listening this morning to your soothing podcast. You are great at this Paula, know it or not.
When I made hats for my husband he always liked them to be snug and soft. Like 50 merino 50 silk, cashmere, all for winter months and soft cotton for those summer months.
When going thru chemotherapy comfort is number one. I just did st st because smooth was more comfortable
Thanks for all your uplifting and positive podcasts. May I add exciting too. Hugs


Vicki said...

LOVE your podcast and I can so relate! I think it was this episode but I had to laugh out loud when you told of finding the boxes and walls in your son's room with holes in them from a BB gun! I too have three sons (all grown) and when they left home we too gutted their rooms, repainted, new carpet and in one case a new door. We kept finding these small yellow beads all over and holes in boxes in the closet and drywall. I was also missing several flowerpots. Well, turns out those little yellow beads were from an air pellet gun (have no idea where it came from), hence the missing flowerpots and holes in closet. Now the boys were good kids and are great men but . . . The middle one is now a US Army sniper!

Vicki (armymom3 on Ravelry)

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