Friday, March 11, 2011

Episode 35 of Knitting Pipeline is about Comfort Knitting

Show notes are at Knitting Pipeline.

Looking for water fowl at Banner Marsh.  The sweater Bob is wearing was a Stash Buster, Norwegian Style, that I made several years ago.

Snow Geese at Lake Springfield from Dave Heinzel on Vimeo.

In the Sunday edition of The Peoria Journal Star there was an article about snow geese migrating through our area. After church Bob and I ate a quick lunch, gathered our binoculars, and drove down to Emiquon to witness this phenomenom.  We are so glad we did.   Although the video  I have posted is actually from Springfield IL, it does capture the wonder of what we saw.


Barbara said... comfort knitting is...what ever my heart tells me to knit at that particular moment. Right now it is a shawl done in KnitPicks black Gloss yarn using a pattern by Kay Meador called "A Slice of Autumn/Spring".

One would not think black laceweight would be comforting to knit but...well it is coming out very well and I like to do it when I get home from work.

Barb R.

knittynurse said...

Oddly, socks are my comfort knitting right now. I have lots of other projects planned or on the go but I always do a few rounds of my sock project while I am waiting for my daughter or getting ready to settle down for the night.

PS. I loved the book "The art of racing in the rain". I noticed it on your 'shelf'.

Mt. Mom said...

Thanks for posting about the geese -- amazing!

sparker29 said...

Any knitting is comfort knitting to me. I've been knitting about 6 months and all my projects are usually not too complex. All day at work I look forward to getting my kitchen straightened up and sitting down to relax to the comfort of knitting. It's the perfect way to end my day and seems like a time I can do something that produces results I can actually see. That seems comforting to me when sometimes at work--in spite of my best efforts--results are not so visible.

Knitting is Gluten Free said...

For me, vanilla socks are great comfort knitting -- knitted on two circs. Also, now that my Daybreak Shawl is into long rows, I find it very comforting.

ewesmama said...

my comfort knitting is any easy knitting, that soothes away my tension of the day without having to concentrate, it is very prayerful indeed, keep up the great job!

Luwana said...

Comfort knitting for me is knitting anything that I'm going to give my daughter (who is now 26). I am currently knitting both she and her husband the Stephen West "Meadowbrook" scarf in the University of Oregon colors for their Christmas presents this yea.

lahlahland said...

Currently my comfort knitting is a Looped Cowl by Kirsten Johnstone. Inspired by all the cold weather and the free pattern found on Ravelry, this is my second in a row, using Madeline Tosh, Tosh DK. The first, of course, was "borrowed" by DD!

Diane said...

Dishcolths are my comfort knitting. Mostly I think because I know how much the people I gift them to appreciate them. It's kind of a family tradition. After my neice got married she asked me if she wasn't old enough to get her own dishcloths so she would not have to steal her father's anymore. Her father is my baby brother.

Diane - TinkerD on Raverly

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