Thursday, September 6, 2012

Weekend with Our Boys

Torben and Loki

Pete packing car for 3,100 mile trip

Sad goodbye to Pete.  I'm smiling here but crying inside.

Dog Love


Cécile said...

Great pictures, Paula. I can relate. my sons also live far away. It's wonderful when they come home and sad when they have to leave.

Carolyn Sue Jenkins said...


I came to look at your blog because I am missing your podcast. Please come back. But what to my wondering eyes did appear but pictures of a Boxer! Be still my beating heart. I am a Boxer person - have eyes for no other breed. Until my recently, my son and I had three of them between us, all named after SF Giants baseball players, Mays, McCovey and JT Snow the Younger. We lost McCovey a few months ago and I think my son (age 32) may never get over it. I knew there was something other than knitting and music that drew me to you! Boxers!


Noah Webster said...

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