Monday, June 17, 2013

Visiting Pete in Oregon Day One

I rented a vacation home online.  Everything looked great from the description and photos but you just don't know until you arrive.  Imagine how thrilled we were when we drove our rental car up a steep hill and found this at the top.
There were roses for Bob in the garden!

The garden was re-awakening my gardening instincts.

Spacious kitchen for cooking and family gatherings.

Entryway with purple door.  Nice hooks for hanging coats and rain jackets.

Bob and Pete relaxing in the living room.
Okay, this is NOT the Bluff House.  This is Pete's place.  As much as we love the guy, we wouldn't want to stay here.  That stool is one of 3 pieces of furniture.  The other two are another stool and a mattress on the floor.  Our guy Pete is a minimalist. 
Pete's living room
Nice little porch on the front of Pete's place.

Grisman's dish is the kitchen floor.
Dinner at Thai restaurant in Hood River

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