Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ravelry Invitation

Has anyone else had as much trouble as I in coming up with a name to use on Ravelry? Each acceptable one I have come up with has been taken. Since you can't change it later I want something I'm happy with in the long haul. Any suggestions?

I've joined the legions who have knitted "julenisse" from Saartje's blog. Now my friends are saving wine corks for me.

In 2005 I used my sons' mittens for holiday decorations. I put them in a basket along with photos of them playing in the snow or wearing them. They really enjoyed seeing these mittens after many years and we had good family moments as a result.

This last photo is one of my favorites because the afternoon memory is so clear. Our oldest son was in school and the youngest one (above with sumglasses) was napping. Our 4 year old went outside by himself to build a snowman while I watched from the kitchen window while working. He was so proud of the snowman he built all by himself. It was a little cone of a snowman. When I grabbed my camera I told him to "smile like the snowman". He looked so adorable.


Tussilago said...

Hello again Paula;)
Ohh..I love yoyr xmas decoration-idea of using old mittens filled with good family memories. I hpoe you allow me to tell others about it;)) Your cork-santa..I`ve also knitted those, but I`ve used the norwegian recipie. They are fun to put on the dinner-table, as a bunch
or into other decorations. I haven`t taken any photos lately, cause my mobilecamera have been to a long-time reparation...and there isn`t any day light to take good photos in these days. We`ve had a lot of rain these last week, and a lot of wind. But we do hope for snow on x-mas eve;) Today my dear one is going out in the woods for our x-mas his rain coat;)

Paula said...

I spent a Christmas in Denmark when I was younger and then traveled into Norway after the holidays. It was so much fun to experience Christmas in another country. When we have a tree we string the Danish flags across the branches and hang the paper hearts as well. Thanks for visiting my blog and feel free to share my idea. This year I am hanging their mittens by their stockings.

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