Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Meadow Flowers and Mothers

Last week I nearly ripped out my Meadow Flowers Shawl just because I wasn't thrilled with it. I decided to give it another day and somehow it began to grow on me. So now I'm committed. I am starting skein #3 out of 4 skeins so there really isn't much more knitting until I start the lace border.

We had a great Mother's Day weekend. On Saturday I went to tai chi in the morning and then puttered around the house. I love puttering around on a Saturday: tidying up, watering my plants, doing a little laundry... Bob was at the university all day. I took a long walk with my I-pod. I've really gotten into audio books. My latest book is "A Seaside Practice" by Dr. Tom Smith. If you have ever read or seen the Jame's Herriott series, this is very similar except it is in Scotland and the doctor is a general practitioner, not a vet. The author himself reads the book so just listening to his Scottish accent is great. He practiced family medicine in Scotland in Ayrshire, which is an area where I have visited several times since I have a friend who lives there. When he mentions "Ailsa Craig" I know exactly what it looks like from the road looking out to sea.

Mom and Dad arrived on Sunday, on their way home from visiting my nephew in Des Moines. Dad helped Bob get his lathe up and running. Then we had an impromptu wine and cheese party in the sunroom followed by a simple dinner of soup and garlic bread. The weather was windy and rainy, so we were pretty much confined to the indoors.

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