Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Falling in Love with Silk

Meadow Flowers Shawl is finished and drying on the bed in the guest room. I'm glad I finished it although I still think the wool is a bit busy for the pattern. The actual color is something between that depicted in these two photos.
The yarn I am using for Lace Ribbon Scarf is by Oasis and is aptly named "Seduction". The 100% silk (colorway Ruby) feels so good it could be x-rated. This one silly and extravagant skein is surely going to spoil me for a long time. I cast on only 35 stitches and the scarf seems wide enough to me. (It is being modeled on the sofa arm, which I suppose is a good stand in for my neck.) Although I haven't measured it (the scarf, not my neck) lately, I am guessing it is about 3/4 finished. The finished length is supposed to be 80 inches.
I took a computer vacation over the 3 day weekend and it felt good. The band played a parade on Saturday and a few of us played a gig yesterday at a posh country club on the river. That scenario looked like a vignette from Europe or another era, with men wearing navy blazers and white pants. Other than those two events and church on Sunday morning we had no commitments. I sat on the deck with my knitting and an occasional cup of tea, watching the birds flit about the feeders and in the treetops. The wild turkeys come up from the woods to eat the seed that has fallen on the ground. A nuthatch flew within two feet of me to grab a rather large insect and carry it off. I suppose that big bug would be like a steak dinner for a nuthatch.
Another project for the weekend was cleaning my closet and shifting my winter/summer clothing. Instead of tackling that project all at once I did it in spurts with knitting as reward. We took a load to Goodwill this morning. A lot of woolen items are in the process of being washed and put away until the weather turns again in the fall. True to our area of the country we had temperatures about 81 yesterday and in the 40's this morning.
If you didn't read the comments on my last post, check them out. Mrs H and I have an interesting connection.


Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

I love the shawl. Very pretty! :)

Britt-Arnhild said...

Your knitting is beautiful.

Paula said...

Thank you, both!

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