Thursday, October 16, 2008

Double Strand is a Slippery Slope

Over the weekend I began knitting the Lacy Ribbon Skirt by Kat Coyle, from Greetings from Knit Cafe. After several attempts to find a yarn substitute the owner of my local LYS showed me Flake Cotton. The cotton yarn as a lot of variation in thickness and I am using a double strand. Double strand means double trouble for me. I keep ending up with extra stitches now and then when the strands separate and I turn one stitch for two. I am sure this happens on the purl rows. I am also debating whether I will knit this in the round or not when I join the lace panels. Sizing is critical and this is my first attempt at a skirt. I do like the look of the textured cotton.

I set up my knitting nest on the back porch where I can look at the birds and the changing colors in the trees. Since I had jury duty this week I took a simpler project with me along with a number of other activities to keep me busy:

  • yarn and needles for several easy projects
  • my iPod
  • crossword puzzles and word games
  • PDA with solitaire (last resort)
  • magazines
  • my new Mason Dixon knitting book
  • new cell phone and manual to study
  • snacks

When I was packing my bag of tricks my husband asked, "Are you taking your knitting?" I was momentarily stunned. "Surely you know me better than to ask that question. I'd go stark raving mad in that room without my knitting."

Fortunately I only had to go in for two mornings and was not called for a jury. Whew! Civic duty accomplished.

Last night we had the pleasure of seeing The African Children's Choir in concert at our church. This is the third time our church has brought them to our town. I volunteered to be a host family as soon as I heard they were coming but the organizer already had enough homes. With jury duty this week it would have been difficult so it probably worked out for the best. If you ever have the opportunity to see this choir make every attempt to go. They are truly a blessing and you won't forget them.


Joy said...

I love your knitting nest and the beautiful colors! It seems like Flake Cotton has been around for a long - I remember doing a sweater with it a lot of years ago. Looking good and as I recall, it has a nice feel.

KPiep said...

I love that skirt! It's on my to-do list as well, and so I can't wait to see what yours looks like.

I got a kick out of your jury duty neccessities. Sounds like my own packing for any trip away from home!

AND, i LOVE your knitting nest!

Marie said...

I'm glad they let you take your knitting in with you. When I had to attend the jury picking process, I was not allowed to bring in my needles. They made me leave them at the front door. I was a wreck the entire time.

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