Saturday, October 11, 2008

Autumn Butterflies and a Darling Punkin'

I made this classic saddle shoulder (the EZ way) for my husband about 6 years ago. I don't know why the body turned out short but whenever he wears it he reminds me of a schoolboy who has outgrown his clothing. I had two balls of yarn in reserve but knew that adding several inches of plain stockinette stitch would not be a good idea. The new yarn would look different. I added a welt and used a waffle stitch pattern that I've used on dishcloths lately. Then I finished it off in one of my favorite rib patterns, which is the same used on the cuff. I can be proud when he wears it now instead of mildly annoyed with myself.

I have given away pumpkin hats--to infant twins, along with pumpkin muffins for the rest of the family. Are you impressed with my theme? The hats were better than the muffins. Boy Twin had awakened from his nap when I arrived. He wasn't even crying. He was just content to wait until his mom realized he might be awake. What a little doll! Little Sis was still sleeping sweetly on her back. I'm sure she looks just as adorable in her cap.
My dad was tickled pink with the ribbed hat I knit for his birthday. Since he doesn't have much hair "up there", he needs all the help he can get to keep his noggin warm.

Butterflies have been thick on the lavender and basil in our front garden. Regarding butterfly gardens, I've read that it is better to have multiples of the same plant rather than a smattering of many butterfly attracting plants. My former garden was pretty much a bit of everything. I was going for the English cottage garden look and think I achieved it. You might find a green pepper plant amidst the larkspur. I gardened in a serendipitous mode. Wherever seedlings came up I tried to leave them. This made for a rather eclectic, though pleasing and hardy mixture, as I think plants will thrive best where they choose to sprout. I did attract butterflies but not to the degree that I have at this house and I now have fewer plants overall. Often there were 4 to 5 Painted Ladies on a lavender or basil plant plus a gray hairstreak and silver spotted skipper. Amongst all the Painted Ladies I have seen over past weeks I have not seen a single American Painted Lady. I always hope to see at least several each season since they are particularly beautiful.

See the little gray hairstreak in the 9 0'clock position in the photo?

A Painted Lady is showing off her colors on the basil.


KPiep said...

There's nothing better than a pumpkin hat on a baby!

I love the butterfly pictures. I'll have to show them to number one when she gets home from school. She's been obsessed with them since we visited the butterfly festival this summer!

Joy said...

Great save on the sweater - EZ would be proud. Love the photos!

Paula said...

Thanks to you both for your comments. Some butterflies just seem to pose for the camera and others do not. Just like people!

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