Friday, December 5, 2008

Two Pipers and Their Knittin'

This photo was taken by Kevin as we waited to tune for A Grace Family Christmas last week. Heather is starting a pair of mittens for her wee boy. I am about half way finished with a Fisherman's sweater for my youngest son. (Unfortunately I have used more than half the wool! )We have downtime at the performances, between stints of warming up and tuning our pipes.

I frogged the body of the sweater, which was nearly to the armpits. There was about 2 inches extra ease that could be eliminated and since I am cutting it close on yardage, that could make a difference. It only took me 3 days to get back to where I was.

Product review: A few months ago I bought the Knit Picks nickle Plated Options Set. These are sets where you get the needles tips and cords/wires/cables with various lengths. The tips screw into the cables. I wanted to have this set of needles for the occasions when I suddenly need a needle size that I don't commonly use. My usual sizes are #1, #2, #3, and #5. On this sweater I am using #7 so I used the Knit Picks Options for the body of the sweater. The first cable I used had a rough spot in it near where it joined the metal screw piece. On top of that I kept unscrewing the tip as I knit. I used the tiny tool to screw it in but the way I knit must have an effect on the torque, if that is the right word. Stopping quite frequently to screw the tip back in slowed me down considerably. I decided to use the second long cable that came with the kit. After knitting just a few rounds it broke out of the screw end. Sigh. So back to the faulty, rough cable. That one broke last night. My husband used epoxy to glue it in the hole so we will see how that goes. I cannot endorse this product. Apart from needles I bought in Denmark eons ago, Knit Picks are my favorite needles. So while I heartedly recommend their needles, I do not recommend the options sets.


KPiep said...

You must be a very fast knitter to get so much done in three days! I love the picture of the knittin' pipers, and I hope you had as much fun as it looks!

I find the Knit Picks Nickel-Plated needles are too heavy in my hands for my taste...and I'm just not fond of interchangeable sets. Mom swears by the Boye set she's had for 42 years, though!

Joy said...

Love the photo, and the colors in the plaid :)

Paula said...

I think I am pretty fast but remember this is just plain knittin'. For now, that is.

Liz said...

Have you tried switching which side your needles are on? I find that when I knit in the round, I tend to 'twist' and pull my knitting towards me, so if that's the direction to twist the needles off you could try switching the orientation of the needles. So, when you're 'twisting' your knitting, your actually tightening, not loosening the joins.

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