Friday, February 13, 2009

Awaiting Spring

On my morning walk today I saw a sign of spring: geese flying northward. There weren't many geese; probably about 8 to 10, but there they were, honking and making their way to their summer breeding grounds. Other birds, the chickadees and titmice, are singing the songs that mark their breeding territories. Our days are warmer, even some in the high 60's, although we know that won't last. Our evenings are brighter. The sky is still light at 5:30 and beyond. Last night the moon was a huge orange ball, slightly flat on the top. The snow and ice are all melted. Yes, we are awaiting spring.


KPiep said...

Me too. It was a much more difficult winter than I expected it to be this year, and I am ready for the sunshine.

Joy said...

Definitely ready for spring here too. I heard a few geese yesterday.

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