Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day Pie

My husband enjoyed the cherry pie I made for Valentine's Day. He ate a piece each night with a big dollop of ice cream. The crust is homeade but I cheated with the filling and used a good quality canned. I've tried frozen cherries and can't seem to get the liquid right. I've also used canned cherries and that worked out fine but is expensive

Three of these cookie cutters belonged to me great-great-grandmother. The bird at the top was a $2 find in an antique shop.

I wanted to bake a pie for my Bob before leaving for California but there was just too much else to do. When I'm gone he turns to pie for solace. Basically I become a pie.
One of my piping buddies sent this to me. I can't wait to see what happens when knitters drape their stitches over the Skye Bridge!


KPiep said...

You and my Dad! Dad's been a piemaker for about 20 years now, as one of his more interesting hobbies. He actually has a cherry tree in the backyard, and he hoards his precious cherries like crazy, having only recently figured out how to get exactly the right consistency with his frozen produce. ALthough, after a bumper crop last year he finally gave some to me...

Marie said...

Your pie looks delicious!

I just love pies! It's a pity my husband doesn't. But, it doesn't stop me from making them! lol

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