Saturday, April 18, 2009

Have You Heard of Susan Boyle?

Getting back into real life has taken several days. I arrived home very late Monday evening after a journey of nearly 24 hours. I was good to myself on Tuesday and maybe even on into the week. On Thursday I finally changed my watch back to Illinois time. Keeping it on Scotland time was my last link to a wonderful time with my good friend.

The Saturday night before Easter found us sitting on the settees, drinking a glass of wine, and watching Britain's Got Talent. We watched the drama unfold as Susan Boyle, a 47 year old Scottish woman from a small village in central Scotland, came onstage to take the first brave step toward her career as a professional singer. To be fair to those in the crowd who were skeptical, such shows are full of people who have totally over-estimated their abilities. When Susan opened her mouth to sing the opening notes of "I Had a Dream" from Les Miserables, the crowd burst into applause and rose to their feet. I was so stunned I stopped knitting and tears sprang to my eyes! What was also surprising was to come home a few days later to find that her fame had already spread across the world. In just a few days the video had millions of hits and Susan Boyle already has fan clubs with thousands of people. Some of the news videos are edited so click here if you have not seen the complete Susan Boyle audition.
It is amazing is that this person, who was totally obscure from the world less than a week ago, has in just a few days, risen to a level of fame that many celebrities take years to attain. Her candor, sweet smile, sense of humor, and complete lack of pretense give her personality that makes her talent even more special. I hope she is not totally "made over" by the experts and that someone is able to protect her best interests. She deserves all the happiness this world has to offer!

The photos are of the Easter Sunrise Service on the beach in Troon, Scotland. It was a bit chilly but there was no rain. The skies cleared later in the morning and we had a perfectly beautiful Easter Sunday.

Later in the day we went out for tea and scone to a nursery that had a lovely tearoom. A fountain was completely irresistable to a lovely wee boy!
There was an egg painting session and then egg rolling before our Easter dinner in the evening. A perfectly memorable "last day" in Scotland!


KPiep said...

I'm loving the Susan Boyle phenomenon! She's such a breath of fresh air, and I really hope that she can translate this into some real success for herself without letting it change her at all.

Paula said...

I feel the same way. I can understand if she wants to update her look a bit but I hope she doesn't get a publicist who puts words into her mouth. Her frankness is part of her charm.

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