Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

We set our alarm for 5:30 a.m. this gray morning. We are thankful it is not raining although it looks as if rain is not unlikely. Remembering that it is always cooler at the seaside, we dressed in layers. I wore two pair of wool socks and M had pajama bottoms on under her trousers; two shirts each, sweaters, coats, and I with my knitted wool shawl and gloves. Folk were gathering on the beach as we arrived. Many were walking in from their homes in town. The sunrise service is organized by several congregations. This year the Episcopalian minister led the service and two musicians with guitars led the singing. The gulls flew and called overhead. A mum came with two wee boys in their kilts. A couple standing next to us had their one-eyed dog on a lead. There was a good crowd of about 50 people. On a small table in the sand stood a cross, a loaf of bread, and a chalice. The service consisted of praise, music, prayer, and communion. I guess they realize that attention spans on the beach are too short for a message. As I looked around at the diverse crowd of people I could not help but think of my friends and family at home, still asleep in their beds, as we watch the sun rise here in Scotland.

M's friend Linda and her friend from South Africa met us at the service. We came back to the house for hot tea and bacon rolls. Bacon rolls are a kind of bun, made into a sandwich with thick Scottish bacon, usually eaten with brown sauce. We may have a little rest before the rest of the family come over for dinner today.

Happy Easter to everyone! He is Risen!

Later this day...

M and I went back to bed for a long nap until 12:15 p.m. We showered and have enjoyed time with the family. Our Easter dinner will be this evening after we have an Easter egg roll in the park. It is sunny and pleasant today! A beautiful Easter in Scotland!

I am getting a bit sad about leaving but also excited about going home. It is always that way.

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