Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Little Baby Gift

After two attempts with other patterns I finally finished this little sweater for a baby shower gift on Sunday afternoon for Trisia Marie. I was sewing the button on about an hour before leaving for the shower. (Plenty of time to spare!) The pattern is from Fawn Pea on Ravelry. She calls it Super Natural Stripes. It's a great little pattern, knit from the top down. The yarn, Bernat Cottontot (100% cotton) in Country Red, Country Taupe, and Country Green, is what was on hand that could be washed in the machine--as I'm certain there isn't a lot of garment pampering in the household. The color changes are done on the reverse side in garter stitch, which is an effect I enjoy. I laid the little sweater on a bed of sage and then a bed of thyme for the photos. (I'll be so sad when the frost comes and these fresh herbs are no longer available just outside my doorstep.)

This is a good pattern for a beginning knitter. Don't get overly hung up on numbers in the pattern. If you are a little off at some point, just use common sense (as in some strategic increases or decreases) and it will all work out. I believe this will be a standard pattern for me to use when I need a quick baby gift. Let's see...that would be this Saturday, wouldn't it?


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