Friday, February 12, 2010

Shalom...the Saga of a Vest

An update is overdue. It is not for lack of knitting but rather for lack project success.

Shalom is a unique vest pattern by Meghan McFarlane of Involving the Senses. I attempted this vest 3 times and I may not be done yet.

First Attempt (no photo) Knit to below underarms. Tried it on. Felt it was a little small. Not terribly small but the style does not close in the front. On me it looks as if I have outgrown my clothing. At least that is what it feels like to me.

#2 Attempt. (1st Photo) Moved up a size, knit it, blocked it. Tried it on. Yoke was fine but it seemed small below the underarms. If you look at the photos on Ravelry it seems to look the best on tall, skinny people. I am short and curvy. So I took it out to the underarms and cast on double the number of stitches. As I knit down the body, totally enjoying my experience with Cascade Ecological Wool, a bit of denial was taking place. I instinctively knew that the underarms would be baggy but I just kept knitting with the faint hope that I was wrong. I was right. Theoretically it fits me now but it doesn't look good with all that extra fabric under the armholes. I still love the pattern and I may keep it to wear around the house...but probably not. I could make better use of the yarn.

The garter stitch accent under the armhole is my embellishment to the pattern. I thought it added some interest and kept the cast on edge tidy.

I may take it out to the underarms again, cast on 1/3 fewer stitches and see how that works out. It isn't as if I didn't enjoy the process. Oh Wise One here did not weave in ends or block it yet. At least I'm that smart on #3.

I also added 2 buttonholes. I like the look of 3 rather than one. Look at these buttons that have been marinating in my button stash for oh, say, 25 years? I mean I paid $2.50 for them so I had better put them to good use.


KPiep said...

Those are fantastic buttons!

Sorry to hear taht Shalom is giving you so much trouble. I'm sure that it will be great to wear, though, when you decide you are finally finished. The pictures of it by itself make it look very cozy!

MttR said...

Your buttons are beautiful. I wish I had a stash like that.

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