Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back into Blogland

It's been a while since I've updated as I've been busy with a few other activities. My illicit affair with quilting seems to be on the wane. Those quilts and seductive fabrics did eat into my knitting time. I would go downstairs to my sewing area and 3 hours would just fly by. Since January I've made 2.5 quilts. Each was a learning experience. I am not so eager to head down to my sewing machine these days. Hopefully I still have enough quilting mojo to finish the last quilt. We will soon be into the piping competition season and so more time will be spent with the band. Last Saturday we had an all day workshop preparing our competition tunes. So one fiber-related hobby is enough for me. Let's hope I can stick with that plan.

Today I finished my 2 year term as President of my P.E.O. Chapter. Whew! It was a great experience but at the same time, it is a good feeling to hand it over to the next person. Today we had a transition meeting. It felt strange to walk away with no bags or "stuff". A week ago I did a major cleaning in the area of the basement dubbed "P.E.O. Central", getting everything in order and packed up for the next president and tossing as much paperwork as possible. Today I went down there several times just to admire my handiwork. Who knows how long the tidiness will last.

Spring seems to be on its way. The photo was taken during our last big wet snow. We awoke to a beautiful scene in our woods. A tree on the lot next to us had fallen but no damage was done. All the snow is beginning to melt now and we should see some very warm temperatures at the end of the week. For some reason I am not fed up with winter yet. Don't get me wrong...I am greatly looking forward to spring. I can't wait to see the wildflowers coming up through the brown leaves in our woods. The birds are already singing there mating calls. Although I went out today just wearing a shawl because I am tired of winter coats, I don't have that cabin fever feeling yet. Another snow wouldn't bother me that much. That may change soon.

What I am longing for is a good rain, the kind you can smell. I love the smell of rain!

I have several finished projects but need to get photos of them. Among the projects are a Wool Weaver's Shawl, another Aestlight Shawl, and a baby sweater.

I made two trips down to my folks' in February for a special reason. Lewis and Clark Community College had an exhibit of my dad's work. The exhibit included watercolor paintings, jewelry, steam engines, photography, furniture, and wood art. Click here to see a quick video of the exhibit. Give it plenty of time to load. If you have trouble viewing it then check out the You Tube version which is linked on the same page.


KPiep said...

I sent all of the PEO materials - except for the Pres's book and the bag that goes to every meeting - home with our incoming Pres on Tuesday. She got the rest of ti last night, and I admit it was more than a bit odd to walk away from the meeting with only my purse!

I finished and mailed my end of year report today, and also took care of some research and correspondance...and now I'm done!

I feel like I need a year of sleep...

Oh, and my total - a paper grocery bag FULL of recycling from PEO. Wow.

Monika said...

Beautiful photo!

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