Friday, April 22, 2011

Episode 41 of Knitting Pipeline is Ready, Set, Gauge!

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Visit Knitting Pipeline for complete show notes and more photos.  Topics include Clockwork by Stephen West, the finished Norwegian Setesdal Sweater, gauge swatch tips for the Estelle KAL, and a review of One Skein Sock Wonders edited by Judith Durant.


Mette said...

What a sweater, you are really a great knitter. And the label is such a pretty detail. I have bought labels, however your homemade label is very charming.

penelope10 said...

I have a love of birds and I live in an Apt. on the 3rd floor. I get cardinals, nuthatch, black capped chickadees, titmouse and unfortunently the Doves. They tend to be a little conrolling!
Anyway, someone complained about the feeding and I had to stop.
What a shame, I felt awful when the pair of cardinals came by and found nothing! It really bothered me, but one day I will be able to live in a place where I can feed all I want. Fabulous sweater!

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