Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Red Shoes

I love red shoes.  These are my new gardening/rain clogs that are very comfy.  They are cushy inside and bouncy.


KPiep said...

Those are awesome!

Mette said...

Your red clogs make me green with envy. It is nice to see that your feet are on the ground.

Carol Desrochers said...

I love your podcast and blog! The red shoes are absolutely fun and energetic!


Nicole said...

I LOVE those red shoes, too! Did you find them somewhere local?

Joy Davis said...

These shoes are wonderful, do so love red

DJ, Atlanta said...

Oh, my two favorite things, the color red and paisley! Could you let us know where you found them?

Just found your site (featured in Susan B. Anderson's newsletter)and am looking forward to listening to your podcasts. Your Piper's Journey shawl just may become my first lace project. DJ, Atlanta

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