Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Roses and Herbs

One aspect we do miss from our old house is our garden of herbs and roses. Now that we live in a wooded area our gardening interests will shift to deer-resistant plants. The first order of business is to get some grass in our yard to keep the water from washing all our soil to the creek.
Digitalis/Foxglove is a flower I will try to grow in our shady woodland. I had a large stand of it every year in our old garden.


The yellow rose is Graham Thomas, a David Austin Rose. We're going to try roses up near the front of the house. The deer come close to the back of the house. We'll see next year how this works out.

I finished my first WaRshrag from the Mason-Dixon knitting book, which is also the pattern on the Peaches and Cream label. One ball of Peaches and Cream is heck of a lot of fun for a $1.27. I used the color cream as the base and the left over ball of Potpourri for color B. I can see getting addicted to knitting these. There are so many fun colors to choose from. I've already picked up some more balls in some very fun colors.

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