Thursday, August 23, 2007

Zimbabwe Project

Today I worked on a knitted teddy bear that wil be going to Zimbabwe. I've made 3 so far and have a group of knitters who are also making them. Some of these ladies haven't knitted in a long time so they have needed remedial help. Some of them knit prayer shawls in a group I started over 3 years ago. The Prayer Shawl Ministry has been very rewarding. The bears are a fun diversion! It is exciting to think that the bears we make will be placed into the arms of a child in Zimbabwe. Many of these children have very little, not only in terms of material objects but also emotional support. Some are heads of households at a very young age, having lost both parents to AIDS. The average lifespan of a person in Zimbabwe now is about 34-36 yr. 80% of the population is unemployed and 1 in 4 have the AIDS virus. Anything we can do to help is important.
These little guys are so cute. Each one has its own personality. I find the facial features the trickiest part.

The pattern we are using is from Teddies for Tragedies.

Tonight is pipeband practice from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. We have that competition on Saturday. The practice before a competition is always critical.

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