Sunday, September 2, 2007

Butterflies at Sand Ridge

After church today my husband suggested we drive to Sand Ridge State Forest to look for butterflies. Sand Ridge is about 45 min to an hour from here and the landscape is totally different. Some of it is a savannah and not the most hospitable to humans. Due to the ticks, burrs, and thorns from various plants, including prickly pear cactus, we tape our trouser legs to the top of our hiking boots. Sometimes the grasses are as tall as I am, which is a bit creepy, but it is all worth it to see the butterflies.

Although it was hot down there, a gentle breeze certainly helped our comfort level. We saw loads of butterflies, including the beautiful Regal Fritillary. Each time we go we try to see the Regal Fritillaries. We've never seen them anywhere else. The Regal is a spectacular butterfly! I was able to get quite a few nice photos today. The 1st photo is the Regal. the next photo is an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, female, dark phase.

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