Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hemlock Shawl and The Tree Hugger

I finally finished the book I've been reading, Jenny Rose by Mary Anne Kelly. I don't recommend it. Part of the reason it took me so long was that I wasn't very interested. Usually I give a book 50 pages before giving up on it. This one was just ok; not bad enough to give up but not good enough to hold my interest.

Our band marched in a parade Saturday and afterwards I visited a nearby knitting shop. I was going to buy Cascade Ecological to make the shawl on Brooklyntweeds blog. As I walked into the shop I was seduced by Alpaca and with 20% off, what's a knitter to do? I have not had the sensual pleasure of knitting with alpaca yet. When I got home I was so exhausted from the parade and also the walk to and from the knitting shop to my car (about 1/2 mile each way in my ghillies), that I felt I deserved a restful afternoon. I planted myself on the deck and started on the shawl while listening to the birds at the feeders. What a wonderful way to pass an afternoon!

Brian, the tree hugger, is here today to prune our woods by the house. I hate to see trees cut down but we have so many small ones that some need to go in order to allow others to flourish. Plus there are dead limbs that hang over the roof.

Do you try to grow turf under trees? Brian says, "You can either have healthy turf or healthy trees, but you can't have both." Trees have roots close to the surface of the earth and if there is grass there, they compete for moisture and nutrients. He recommends mulching "as far out from the trunk as you can stand it."

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