Friday, September 21, 2007

Hemlock Ring and Teddy Bear Update

I'm zipping right along on my Hemlock Ring Shawl. The alpaca is wonderful to work with although it is rather slippery. I'm on row 57 or thereabouts, trying to decide whether I will expand the shawl beyond what Jared did. I might want mine a bit larger.

Our prayer shawl ministry team met on Wednesday evening. We took a rough count of the number of bears already made by those attending and came up with 50! We know there are other bears out there, too. The mission trip has been postponed until next summer due to the shortage of materials, specifically concrete. They cannot build without cement. So we are planning on mailing these bears to Zimbabwe to our contact there. Then we will make another batch when the team goes to build the church.

I know I'm supposed to tag some people with the middle name game and will get around to that. It's going to be a busy weekend because I have to work all day tomorrow.


Hoc Age said...

What a wonderful project of making and sending teddy bears to children who have very few things. Sending those cute bears is also like sending many hugs. I am sure they will be very much loved and appreciated.

Deb said...

Where is Zimbabwe is your mission going? My UCC church is a partner church with one in Kambazuma (I might have misspelled that - I'll have to check!)

Paula said...

It is a rural village, not on most maps. The name is Chivru or perhaps Chivu. The agency we are working with is the Simukai Child Protection Agency in Mutare. We had a pastor from Zimbabwe in 1994. His wife works with the street children through Simukai.

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