Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving and a New Knitting Project

Thankgiving is a beautiful holiday. We are usually the travellers but it is only 3 hours to where my folks live.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my sister's home. I have two fantastic nephews who are about the same ages as our sons. Our middle son was able to be there also. Our youngest son lives too far away to come for a short visit and our oldest son and his wife are the ones who were injured in a car accident on November 3. They had plane tickets to come for Thanksgiving. Of course we missed them and one of our blessings to be thankful for is that they are alive and healing.

My sister is a wonderful hostess and my brother in law is great in the kitchen also. My sister sets a beautiful table. This year she had small photo frames at each place setting as a favor to take home. In each frame was a Bible verse or quote about being thankful. Before our meal we took turns reading our verse. The decorative leaves hanging from her chandelier is something she made herself.

I finished my socks made of Opal "Lilly". My mom is reviving her knitting skills and my sister is learning to knit. I tried to teach them my way of knitting, the Continental or German method, but they are both "throwers" and couldn't convert. Too bad.

Our middle son wants a sweater for Christmas. Yippee! I told him I wouldn't be able to finish one by then but I'm going to try. He has some specific ideas about what he wants. The day after we got home (Sat) I ran over to my local yarn store and bought the wool, Cascade 220. It isn't exactly what I was looking for but it will be fine. I began a sleeve on Sunday evening and by the end of Monday evening it measured nearly 16". I was only knitting during the evening hours. I use Elizabeth's Zimmerman's seamless Saddle Shoulder for most of my sweaters. I like the yoke because you decrease at 4 points on every row instead of every other row. Much easier. The sweaters fit great, too. This one will have a cable pattern running up the front.

I've been wanting a standing mixer for such a long time. In our old house there wasn't room on the counter for one. When we moved here in May there were so many extra expenses with the move that I put it off. My husband was realizing that a mixer for me meant more goodies for him and he kept nudging me to buy it. I bought the Kitchen Aid Professional 5 Quart and am thrilled with it. I made two loaves of 100% Whole Wheat Bread that turned out fantastic. I have made bread for years by hand and yes, it can be fun to do it all without machines but this is fun in another way. I had a bread machine and did not like making bread that way. Tonight I made meatloaf for dinner and also shortbread for an open house I'm having on Saturday.


Birte said...

Congrats on that new kitchen gadget, it will be fun to use! Nice socks too btw.

Hoc Age said...

I've had my Kitchen Aid stand-up mixer for over 10 years now. It is still going strong and I still love it, it is a true work horse. I used it for pizza dough last night and I'll use it for cinnamon rolls today. Happy cooking!!

Paula said...

The pizza dough sounds like fun. I want to make nearly everything in the cookbook! Glad to hear yours is holding up after heavy duty use.

Suse said...

That celebratory table is beautiful.

As are your socks.

Tussilago said...

Thanksgiving...We don`t celebrate it like you do. In our churces we have e sort of celebration to say thanks...and also a candle lightning ceremony to remember everyone who has passed away this last year. But then norwegians don`t have the same tradition of going to church as regulary as many americans do.
It`s nice to read about your celebration, sounds like a cosy family-thing;) I like the ide of this huge meal, everyone placed at the table...and then relaxing with knitting;))
This weekend is the first of 4 sundays before x-mas...this fourt weeks called "advent". This first sunday we make a x-mas like meal and invite some friends og family. It`s cosy;)) This afternoon the huge xmas tree is lightend outside our country hall in the area where we live...out on the countryside. The trees in the city have been lightened weeks ago.
Have a nice sunday;))

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