Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Library of One's Own

I have purchased a few new knitting books in the past few weeks. It is almost embarrassing how many I have but if you figure that they have been purchased over the course of 25 years of knitting, it isn't so bad. I do actually use most of them. Sometimes I consider getting rid of some but why bother, especially now that we have a music room/library with lots of wonderful bookshelves. My husband's piano sits on the interior wall. A loveseat is nestled in the window nook. I sit at the table to look at knitting books, read, and plan projects. It is often rather messy with knitting needles, books, and wool. It is especially nice in the winter when the morning sun streams in through the window and lights up the whole room. A cup of tea by my side makes a quiet time even more graceful.
The bookshelves have cabinets below where we store photo albums, games, and puzzles.
My basket of knitting needles needs a bit of tidying up. I've always dreamed of a room like this and feel so fortunate that I have it.

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Marie said...

I love your little library nook. How lucky of you to have such a space. We have 3 different bookcases jammed together against a wall just to corral our books.

BTW - I don't think you should be concerned about how many books you have. I saw a lot of empty space on those shelves.

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