Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Tulip Bibs

While knitting my Truly Tasha Shawl I slipped in a few baby bibs.
The "Safari Bib" is the Mason-Dixon Baby Bib O' Love. I found animal buttons and then the Peaches and Cream in a camouflage colorway. It turned out quite nice.

I've been playing around with turning the Petal Dishcloth into a baby bib. Last summer I made Leigh Radford's Petal Bib and liked the result; however, the knitting process with stitches on holders seemed somewhat cumbersome. I thought I could achieve a similar effect using the technique of the Petal Dishcloth and finishing it with I-cord ties, as Leigh Radford did. The stitches are not the same as in the dishcloth because I wanted it a bit longer and there are more rows between the petals. As I folded up the bibs they looked like tulips, hence the name "Tulip Bib."

I will post the directions for the bib if anyone wants them.

Now I wish we would see some real tulips soon around here! We had snow flurries again today.


Marie said...

Your tulip bib is so cute and pretty! It would look adorable on a baby. Great design!

katie said...

I love the tulip bib, too! And I'd love to see the directions.

Hoc Age said...

I would be very interested in your Petal Bib pattern, I think it is so adorable.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Cute bibs. Happy babies :-)

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