Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Such Excitement for the Pipers!

Our Pipeband has been invited to play at the opening ceremonies of a big air show in Peoria. We will have VIP wristbands, food in the VIP tent, and front row seats on the tarmac. We also get a photo op with The Blue Angels! I am so excited! I have never been to an airshow. What an opportunity.

My current project is the famous Clapotis. For those who are new to this creation, it is an ingenious scarf designed by Kate Gilbert knit on the bias with dropped stitches as part of the texture. I am using size 5 needle in a laceweight (doubled) alpaca/silk combination from Knitpicks. It's called Shimmer (Stained Glass). I have to say this is a very slowwwwww project for several reasons.

  1. Every other row is purl and I am slower at purl.
  2. The yarn is slippery: alpaca and silk.
  3. I have doubled the yarn so I often split the stitch and have to correct.
  4. There are a lot of stitches and they are small!

I began the Clapotis about 8 days ago and have 17 inches to show for my efforts. (The finished length is 55") Hopefully I will love it when I am finished. The way the two strands have combined isn't entirely to my liking but I'm letting nature take its course.

I've been wearing my Truly Tasha Shawl around the house as well as out and about. It is now one of my favorite knitted items for myself! I have not made much for myself in recent years except for mittens and scarves. As I posted earlier I had to do the corners several times before I was satisfied with the result. The color is a true red, not pink as the close up photo might indicate.

Speaking of nature: we are still waiting for true signs of spring. The moss in our woods is greener. A few of the many daffodil bulbs I planted (Thanks, Mom) are peeking through the soil. A tiny flower called Spring Beauty is beginning to show its leaves.

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Marie said...

Congrats on your invitation to play! I hope you have a great time.

I love the colors in your Clap. It's going to be so pretty and so soft when you finish.

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