Monday, November 8, 2010

In and Around Our Town

The Library of Congress brought a traveling exhibit of reproductions of documents.  My favorite part was the truck, looking so official in our Five Points Parking lot.  The exhibit was good too.

I would gasp if I saw this truck traveling along a road. 
Two young musicians, Sid and Marc, stayed with us when the Heartland Festival Orchestra played at Five Points.

Bronwyn, Charr, Sarah, and I met at The Blend for a Knitting Morning.  It was our first time to meet Ravelry friend, Bronwyn.

Bronwyn shared her shawl, Lazy Katy, which is beautiful and fascinating with its unusual shape.


KPiep said...

Looks like fun!

Mette said...

What a beautiful photo of fellow knitters. It is amazing to experience how many different shapes a shawl can have.

Sunsetknitter said...

Great Picture! Too bad you are so far away :-)

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