Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Ready to shovel snow.

Bob filling the bird feeders.

Every tree had a snow sculpture at the base.

About this time our neighbor came over with a snowblower.


C├ęcile said...

Great pictures. We used to live where we got snow like that every winter. I love snow. did you have to remove some of those clothes during the shoveling? You look like you are overdressed for shoveling. That coming from one who shovels snow regularly.

I hope you had some hot chocolate afterward and had enough energy left to do some knitting.

How are things today?

1to1 said...


We got 20 inches but the snowdrifts are unreal. I made sure I filled up my bird feeders yesterday too!! I even threw out corn cobs for the squirrels (& probably raccoons). The kids made a massive snow school (tue,wed,thurs).


Mette said...

It looks beautiful, but sure is very hard work. Snow is gone in Denmark for the moment and I have winter aconite in my garden

Barbara said...


I live in Shelton CT and we have had nonstop snow since 26 Dec 2010!! Each and every week we have had snow. So far, we have had 2 major snowfalls, one ice storm and smaller snowfalls of 3-8 inches in between. We have just about 4 feet of snow in our front yarn and, as of today, are expecting yet another ice storm..small but it is frozen participation. Tuesday there is yet another major storm coming.

All I do now is get to work when the factory is not closed, knit and listen to your podcasts. All that is missing are hot chocolate, marshmellows and more wood for the fireplace!

Keep up the podcasts! Yours is one of the very few I listen to.

Barbara said...

....I meant frozen percipitation...or I just could have said....frozen water!



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