Friday, February 11, 2011

Episode 32 of Knitting Pipeline is A Technique Betrayed

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Show topics include:

  • I have to make a choice between two favorite techniques.
  • I talk (again) about  Bald Eagles, Carolina Wrens, and deer.
  • Swatching Tips
  • Norwegian Luskofte (Lice Jacket) Progress
  • A free sock pattern from a listener and friend. 
  • A lovely Norwegian Bridal March


KPiep said...

Love the deer!

And thank you, I am feeling much better...and I LOVE that picture of my girl!

Barbara said...

Don't feel as if you have betrayed Elizabeth! She would never want you to stagnate! She would want you to keep moving forward and improve you knitting informational store. I think that is why she printed her books, had all the retreats and kept you and the knitting world in new patterns, ideas and techniques. One must not stop learning.

There is a place for loyalty. But I think when it comes to knitting or playing an instrament, one must move forward! Onward my dear! Learn new things. Knit better projects and make Elizabeth's real intention a reality.

Barb Rickman
Shelton CT

1to1 said...

Wonderful photo of the deer....can't imagine having them that close to my house.

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