Friday, July 20, 2012

Emily's Bridal Shower...mostly decorations

Emily's friend and wedding attendant hosted a bridal shower for her last weekend.  The decorations and food were done with meticulous detail.  For the record my mode of operation is to buy pretty napkins and maybe flowers for the table.  I really enjoyed seeing the creativity and care that went into the planning and preparation.

Sign on door

Hostess Cecelia with a little gift from me.

Party rye with goat cheese, apple slices, and pistachios.

Beautiful beverages and food.


Emily cuts the cake.
Card I picked out for Emily.  She designed it!


twinsetjan said...

So lovely! I'm hoping to talk my future daughter-in-law into a shower. Right now she says she's not interested. Maybe these pictures can help change her mind!

mark lawrence said...

Hey!! Your arrangements are stunning. Want to throw my sister a surprise bridal shower at one of New York wedding venues. Was looking for arrangement ideas and glad to find your ideas. Will implement them for my shower also.

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