Monday, July 23, 2012

Pete Finished the Trail!

Pete finished the Colorado Trail on Sat July 21st, 2012, about noon.  He has been taking the last 130 miles slowly so Mary could get to the end of the trail to meet him.  He was about 30 miles out of Durango on his last night and had a bad night.  The area where he slept is one that is popular and used more often.  He awoke in the wee hours to mice chewing on his gear.  These mice were intrepid and not frightened by his shooing gestures.  At about 3 am he put on his headlamp and started hiking the last 30 miles.  He had also run out of food and was quite hungry.  Mary came in later that night.  He is decompressing in Durango for a few days and will pick up his through-box on Monday.

He hiked the 500 or so miles in less than 30 days even with intentionally slowing down in the last week.  We can't wait to talk with him at length and see his photos!

I'm going to miss getting an email every day from him showing his location on a Google Map.  I'm sure there is a lot about the hike that he is going to miss as he adjusts to life off the trail.  Now he will focus some of his energy on looking for a job.  He hopes to relocate to Portland OR or somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

You must be very proud of your son, Paula. That was quite the accomplishment and the experience will be one that he will remember forever. Tell Pete that all your listeners have cheered him on, especially me!

memphish said...

Great news!

1to1 said...

We are vacationing in Colorado Springs and I was telling my family about Pete's hiking endeavor. Thanks to your recent episodes I actually sounded like I knew a little about ultralight hiking!

As always thanks for another wonderful episode.
Carla aka 1to1

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