Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hike Half Way Update

On July 10th Peter had been hiking for two weeks and had gone 250 miles.  He has now done 300 miles.  We received an email from his while he was waiting for the post office to open in Salida CO.  He had found a coffee shop with a computer.  It was great to hear from him again and know that the trip is all he had expected and more.  He is averaging well over the 20 mile goal, probably closer to 25 miles per day.

Pete asked me to send the box destined for Silverton on to Lake City, eliminating the Silverton resupply completely. Maybe he has figured out that it is ok to carry more weight for a few days than take more time off the trail.  All the resupply boxes have been sent.  I almost had to buy new postage for all of them because Pete and Bob had put tape over the stamps.  That is a postal service no-no.  Our good clerk, Murl, ( as opposed to Crabby Clerk who shall remain nameless) hand canceled the boxes and sent them through.  It seems Pete has been getting them along the way but that is a note for the future: no tape on stamps!

This morning his email showed that he had slept by Baldy Lake.  He was up and moving a little after 5 AM according the the time on the post for the day. 

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rusticknitter said...

still enjoying the updates and WONDERFUL progress

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