Monday, August 25, 2008

Is it just me or did you laugh too?

The Summer Olympics are over. I did enjoy watching some of the events. I'm glad I was watching when the US men's swimming relay team pulled off that unexpected victory over the arrogant French team. It was also fun to see Michael Phelps breaking world records right and left. Did you notice that his events were followed by commercials that congratulated him on his wins and promoted the DVD on his life? I guess they had two sets of commercials ready for the occasions. Good thing he pulled it off. He seems like a genuinely nice kid and hopefully all this fame won't ruin him.

Olympics are great for knitting and I accomplished a lot on Torben's Fisherman's Guernsey. Last night we got hooked on the closing ceremonies and after several hours began to wonder if they really were going to close. I may be the only one on the planet who feels this way but it got to the point that I started giggling as it seemed somewhat absurd to keep going on and on with one extravaganza after the next. I believe the tipping point was when 400 people were swaying backwards, sideways, and otherwise flailing on the steel tower to imitate the flame that had been extinguished. Isn't there something absurd or just a teeny bit comical about that? First extinguish the flame and then try to imitate it. Why not just keep it going? I don't know. It just seemed funny to me. I also got a kick out of the commercials to plug the two set DVD of the Olympics. If my life ever gets so boring that we have to watch them over again, then please start digging a plot.

On Saturday the band had a competition in the Quad Cities. The day was hot but at least there was a light breeze. Wearing a 3.5 lb wool kilt and wool hose in hot humid weather isn't the most fun, but we pipers grin and bear it. Also, piping gets the blood going and creates body heat, similar to running a few miles. Our band is in a rebuilding year, having lost some of our band members for various reasons. So this was our first competition of this year and the first ever competition for 3 new pipers and one new drummer. We didn't place in the standings, but we learned what we need to work on. After finishing our competition at 1:45 p.m. we had over 3 hours until Massed Bands (a Highland Games Closing Ceremony). As we sit around in our uniforms trying to stay as cool as possible, knitting is a great companion and antidote to boredom. Torben's Guernsey is too big to carry along to the Games so I took the socks I have been dawdling on. Once I started working on them Saturdy I've just decided to finish the pair before continuing on the gansey. I don't like unfinished projects languishing for long periods of time. The weather yesterday was simply beautiful. I entertained my mother-in-law on our deck, enjoying the fresh air, while continuing on the socks. The first sock is now finished and I started the heel flap for the second one. By the time the Olympics actually closed (yes, I stuck it out until the end) I was half-way down the foot of the second one. There is another inch or so to knit before finishing the toe. These socks will be ready for fall wearing. I love the colors and the feel of them!

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