Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tip for a Neat Edge

I am going to share a knitting tip that I learned years ago by a fellow camper at one of EZ and Meg's Knitting Camps. I wish I could remember who taught this so I could give credit where it is due. The technique makes a very neat edge when knitting back and forth.
At the end of a row:

  • Before working the last stitch, bring the yarn forward. Slip last stitch (purlwise) onto right needle. The yarn will lie between the next to the last stitch and the last stitch.

  • Turn work.

  • Knit into the back of the first stitch.

This method gives a neater edge than slipping the first stitch of each row and after you do it for a while it is automatic.
I finished my Autumn Socks during the Democratic Convention. Now I'm moving forward on the Guernsey. I never know when to write "Gansey" or "Guernsey".

For the sock pattern I used Lucy Neatby's Marietta's Ribbed Socks from Cool Socks Warm Feet. Now I know that some knitters do not need a sock pattern but I am not one of them. If pressed, I think I could manage without a pattern but I'd just rather not. I knit one sock with Knit Picks Harmony dpn's and the other using the Magic Loop method. When I came to the heel flap I switched back over to dpn's. I feel I have given the Magic Loop and 2 circular needles methods a fair chance in that I have made two pair of socks totally with 2 circulars and have used the Magic Loop a few times. They are great options for travel knitting because you are not going to lose a needle on an airplane or anywhere else. (One of my Harmony dpn's is in my son's apartment in New Mexico.) For my comfort level I still prefer dpn's but I'm glad I learned the other methods and will still use them on occasion. The Knit Picks Harmony dpn's have just the right amount of friction for me and yet I can zip right along. It takes me less time to change needles when on dpn's. If choosing between 2 circulars and Magic Loop I would choose 2 circulars


Joy said...

Nice socks! I agree with you on the dpn's. The only time I prefer 2 circulars is when there's colorwork involved.

KPiep said...

I completely agree with you on DPN's v. circs for socks. Several years ago I learned Magic Loop so that I could teach it, but I never felt that it really offered any great benefit. It's certainly nice to know.....but my DPN's will always be my preference.

Tamar said...

Those socks just look so cheerful and cozy! I am just starting my first pair of magic-loop socks and hoping I'll enjoy the method better, because I hate knitting them on dpns! Maybe I'm just not cut out to be a sock knitter...

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