Friday, August 8, 2008

Welcome to Sammy Jay and Mother West Wind

I mentioned in a recent post that I am adding to my collection of Thornton W. Burgess books. I bid on several on Ebay and won two of them. Sometimes the prices go higher than I am willing to pay but these were both under $10 (plus shipping). I am trying to limit myself to the ones that match the 3 that I have from my dad's childhood. This version of Mother West Wind's Children is considerably earlier (1913) but I couldn't resist because it was in excellent shape. The bookplate inside the dust jacket reads: "This Book belongs to Jean Nicholson." One can't help wonder what sort of a little girl she was, although I doubt she was much of a reader since this book is in pristine condition. Goodness, it's 95 years old! Perhaps she did love reading but just not this particular book.
The Adventures of Sammy Jay is in excellent condition (just the torn frontispiece) and matches the rest of my collection--total of 5 now.
A cold front came through yesterday blessing us with temps in the 50's last night and cool today. It's wonderful to have the windows open in the house and a nice breeze flowing through. On Monday when we traveled back to Illinois from North Carolina we stepped out of the car at a rest stop about 1.5 hours from home and our glasses fogged up. The heat and humidity were oppressive and estimated at 110 degree index. So we are thoroughly enjoying this lovely cool summer weather. It is just perfect for knitting and other activities, both inside and out.
Tonight the ladies on my street are going out for a movie (Mama Mia) and a bite to eat. Living in a neighborhood where people actually do things together is a novelty for me. In our previous neighborhood we were friendly with some of the neighbors but it was strictly limited to the neighborhood chit chat whenever we happened to see one another. I feel a little bit like I'm stepping over the threshold into Desperate Housewives but that's ok. It's kind of fun.

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KPiep said...

I wish I lived in that type of neighborhood...we barely know anyone here, and we've been here for 7 years.

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