Monday, June 22, 2009

Madison Yarn Cruising Part 2

This day could be described as a Delicious Fiber Sandwich--two yarn shops with a filling of coffee and Trader Joe's.

After a leisurely rising and enjoying the morning peace of the lake, Carol and I set out for The Knitting Tree. This cozy and bustling shop is located in a residential area of Madison, not far from Trader Joe's. The shop owner was very friendly, as were the other patrons of the shop. We both bought Malabrigo Sock Yarn and received a free pattern, Shimmer Scarf. Later on we saw a variation of this scarf at every shop we visited. I fell in love with one of the samples in the shop, a cropped sweater (Berocco pattern) in a beautiful pale greenish-gray cotton with a nubby texture. I would have purchased the pattern except it was done in pieces with a lot of sewing up. I believe I can achieve the same effect in the round, probably top down. Just a few days before our visit, The Knitting Tree had hosted Scottish designer Ysolda Teague and they had signed copies of her new book Whimsical Little Knits for sale. Had I not already bought a copy the week before, one of these would have been amongst my purchases. I did buy two beautiful skeins of Arucania Fingering weight.

Needing some sustanance after The Knitting Tree, we headed to Ancora Coffee Shop, right across the street from Trader Joe's. I had THE BEST LATTE ever and purchased beans to bring home to my coffee lovin' husband.

Then we crossed the street to Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's is my favorite place to shop for groceries, although I am also fond of my local grocer, Lindy's. It is my surpreme food fantasy that a Trader Joe's will open up near us. It may seem silly to go grocery shopping when on vacation but since there is no Trader Joe's near us, I am reduced to drastic measures. Do I like Nature's Path Flax Plus? YES! Other favorites are the trail mixes with almonds and dried berries, Irish Breakfast Tea, raisins, and other assorted cereals.

Our last stop of the day was Lakeside Fibers. Lakeside Fibers shares a building with large coffee shop tucked into the back of the meandering store. They have a fine selection of yarns. The big wagon wheel display in the front room catches the eye as you walk in the door. We were too full of Ancora coffee to contemplate another cup, but the coffee ambience was good. I didn't make any purchases here but Carol bought a few things.

By the end of the day the back of my car was filled with coffee beans, Trader Joe's, and wool. What a treat for the senses!


Travels With My Baskets said...

What fun we had!!

KPiep said... idea of a perfect carload!

Islandsparrow said...

Hi Paula

Beautiful yarn!

Thanks for the butterfly identification!

And for the visit :)

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