Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One More Wisconsin Shop

I'm reverting back to late May when my husband and I went for our annual trip to Door County WI. I've said for the past 20 years that the only thing lacking here is a great knitting shop. Meet Red Sock Yarns and owner Jenny Ribbens. (920+868+5700) The shop is located on the north end of Fish Creek in the shops that are across from the school. Jenny is a friendly and knowledgeable shop owner and the selection of high quality yarns is amazing. My husband relaxed in one of the comfortable chairs near the door while Jenny took me on a tour around the shop. Despite the fact that the shop had only been open for 4 weeks, there are quite a few samples to showcase the varied yarns. I bought the book Knit One Below by Elise Duvekot.

Since the boys have grown and no longer vacation with us we've been staying at Fernwood Farms Suites. Owners Bill and Linda Kelly are like old friends. We call this our Door County home and I'm sure you can see why.

Usually we visit Door County the first week in June so we were ahead of our usual time. Although it was chilly and rainy much of the time we did get to see the cherry orchards in bloom. That was a beautiful sight!

There were many white trillium in bloom, sometimes carpeting the forest floor. One day we were biking along Timberline Road when I screeched my bicycle to a halt. A mature bald eagle was soaring about 30 feet above us and several others were nearby. You will have to believe me (or use a magnifying glass) because this is the photo I got after scrambling to get my camera out of the zippered pouch. I guess my future is not in nature photography. We've seen many bald eagles but this is only the second time we've seen one when we weren't going to a specific place along a river to view them.

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